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"The human psyche has a fundamental tendency towards union, towards synthesis that is the expression of a universal principle"
Dr Roberto Assagioli


Created and presented by the late Italian Psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, Psychosynthesis brings something more to the healing professions than Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.


A psychosynthesis process or therapy is adjusted to every person’s individual needs and situation. The tools used are many and psychosynthesis is also open and inclusive so that it can easily be combined with other disciplines or expressions.

Personal psychosynthesis is often the first step of the journey  It gives the individual a greater harmony in life, with more knowledge about his/her different sub-personalities, a greater sense of purpose and an ability to see challenges and problems in a more creative and meaningful way.

Transpersonal psychosynthesis, the next possible step for those who are open and curious about this, is a process which aligns the individual purpose with the purpose of the whole. Life then becomes not only an individual path but also a soul’s journey that is connected to and shared with the rest of humanity and ultimately with the greater purpose of our lives. It is a spiritual journey without religion or a defined faith, but with a strong belief in the human being and her potential.

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